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Chuck Bartowski ([personal profile] nerdherdchuck) wrote2010-06-27 09:09 pm
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TM #338 - Tell the story behind your name (or nickname).

My full name is Charles Irving Bartowski. I go by Chuck though. And Chuck is short for Charles.

Nothing exciting, I know.

[Locked to those who know of his secret life]

My alias is Charles Carmichael. It was a name I sorta thought up on a whim. Sarah had asked that I come up with a name to use on a spy mission and that's what came into my head. I pictured Charles to be this successful software mogul who sailed in America's Cup. No idea what was up with the racing thing. I guess it's just something I figured rich people do.

The spy name actually lasted for several missions. I even was called 'Agent Carmichael' on more than one occasion.

For now though, I've retired that spy persona. No more Agent Carmichael. Just ordinary Chuck Bartowski again. [/locked]


But after what I found? This spy may come out of retirement. [/Private]

Muse: Chuck Bartowski
Fandom: Chuck
Word Count: 154

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