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Chuck Bartowski ([personal profile] nerdherdchuck) wrote2010-12-27 02:07 pm
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TM #367 - Gift

When I started to open up Morgan's gift, my buddy began to explain, "Your gift isn't quite complete yet but, I still hope you like it."

"Morgan, I'm sure I will," I replied as I continued to unwrap the cylindrical shaped object. Once the paper was removed, I could see a black tube with a plastic cap at the top. I popped off the cap and reached inside the tube. Feeling something of rolled up glossy paper, I carefully removed the roll and then unrolled it to reveal a TRON: Legacy movie poster.

Grinning, I turned back to Morgan.

"I was gonna get it framed to match the original TRON poster you got but, between the missions and the crazy hours at the Buy More-"

I stopped Morgan right there. "You don't need to apologize or anything. This is a kick ass gift, Morgan."

"I still owe you a frame."

There was no convincing him otherwise so I just remarked, "If you insist. But it's still cool the way it is."

Muse: Chuck Bartowski
Fandom: Chuck
Word Count: 171