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Chuck Bartowski ([personal profile] nerdherdchuck) wrote2011-03-24 11:37 pm
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I wanna see this!

It's an exhibit opening next spring at the Smithsonian.

And yes, I definitely will be voting for my favorites to make it into the final exhibit!

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Sugoi!! We have to see this when it has opened!!

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We do!

Have you been voting for your favorites?

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Not yet. I will soon. Have to make certain my games are represented.

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Hopefully your favorite made the list. There's some glaring omissions, that's for sure. Not many PC games and there's no arcade or hand held console games either.

Plus, there's a few genres missing too...

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I know. I'm sure they have their reasons, cuz you can't fit every game in the exhibit. But still...kinda disappointing.

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True, but they may miss something good!

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