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Chuck Bartowski ([personal profile] nerdherdchuck) wrote2012-01-28 11:22 am
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Could one kiss make her remember?

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Omg, that finale...

Some say that there's nothing more powerful in the world.

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I know, right?

But I can't expect a Disney movie moment.

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But you also won't know until you try.

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This is true. But Sarah's so distant right now that I don't think she'd let me kiss her.

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Give her a little distance, but not too much. Romance her a little.

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I took her to the place where our relationship began. I thought maybe that would help.

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...I don't know what else to tell you. I'm so sorry, Chuck.

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It's all right. Thanks for listening.

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Of course. Any time, Chuck.

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I could definitely use some support.

See...[sighs] while on a mission, Sarah lost her memories. It's like the last five years of her life - our relationship - are gone.

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Everything? She does not even know who you are?

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It's like she just knows about me. Like reading a case file. She knows facts, but that's it.

But she doesn't really have feelings for me right now.

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I cannot imagine how much that must hurt. Is she still herself or is she completely different?

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She did allow me to kiss her though.'ll help to get her to remember.

She's....well about the same as when I first met her, if that makes any sense.

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That makes a lot of set. After all, you have changed each other. Without her memories of you, she's the Sarah you first met.

There is nothing else you can do? Perhaps if you take her to some of your special places she may remember?

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Well, I've taken her to a couple. But maybe the more places we visit, the more she'll remember.

I gotta be careful about it though. If I keep insisting to take her places, she might not want to go, you know? And upsetting her might drive her away.

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That sounds wise. Perhaps you should do some things you know she likes to do. Especially if it is something she liked to do before that perhaps she did not do so often after you met.

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I'll have to think back to things she liked before we started going out.

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I think she would know that you really understood her.

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It's like she knows I should but doesn't fully believe it.

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She used to be very suspeicious of you, yes?

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She was, yeah. She didn't know if I was involved in the plot to steal the Intersect or anything like that right away.

Of course, now, she at least knows we're on the same side. She knows I'm an actual spy - something I wasn't when this whole thing started. So...that part is different.