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This post follows right after this one. Both posts are part of the ongoing plot of [ profile] valrichards' kidnapping. The storyline list can be found here.

The next day, Chuck found himself fixing yet another broken cell phone.

", it's good as new," he finished after briefly explaining to the owner what the issue was and what he needed to do to repair it. He handed back the phone to happy teenager who said, "You totally rock!" before happily dashing off.

Chuck smiled and then turned back to the computer at the Nerd Herd desk. He then heard the bell chime for service and looked up to see Casey glaring at him.

"What?" Chuck asked, confused. He hadn't bothered Casey all day.

Casey said nothing but motioned towards the Home Theater Room. Chuck then nodded and followed his handler.

A few minutes later, Casey, Chuck and Sarah were greeted on flat screen TV by General Beckman and Director Graham.

"Your report does trouble us a bit," General Beckman began. "This could possibly be an attempt by the Front Range Crime Syndicate to reestablish itself. Your suspicions are warranted, Chuck."

Director Graham then explained, "A couple days ago, the CIA had picked up some chatter from a known member of the group, Miranda Kosak. Apparently, Miranda has been overheard wanting to 'pawn the child' off to someone named Nicholas. It's quite possible this child is in fact the missing Richards' girl."

"But what about the girl's family?" Chuck asked. "Has-"

"The missing girl's father, Reed, is a nuisance if you ask me," the General replied with a noticeable growl. "But I suppose what you were about to ask was if any information has been made available to her family."

Chuck nodded.

The General glared at Chuck. "The answer is 'no.' And you are hereby ordered not to share anything with them either. Do I make myself clear?"

Sarah, Chuck and Casey nodded.

"Good. We're investigating the matter further and quite possibly soon we may ask you to investigate any leads we can find on Miranda or the Syndicate," said the General before ending the transmission to the Home Theater Room.

* * *

Chuck had filed his last Nerd Herd invoice for the day when an idea came to him. He opened the folder holding all of the blank invoices and took out one of them. Then, he scribbled a little note in the comments section which read:

"It's quite possible some organization known as the Front Range Crime Syndicate is involved in your daughter's kidnapping. Apparently one of the members (Miranda) was overheard talking about 'pawning off a kid.' I dunno if that helps at all but I'm not even supposed to tell you that much. I do hope you find your daughter though and felt passing along this much was the right thing to do.


He mailed the invoice in one of the preprinted Buy More envelopes. In the top left corner of the envelope, the address of the store Chuck worked at was displayed. He wrote the address from the Baxter Building he found in the online article and then tossed the envelope in the bin of outgoing mail.
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Part of the ongoing plot of [ profile] valrichards kidnapping. The storyline list can be found here.

It was a relatively slow day at the Buy More. With the past week being a wash out and this being the first sunny day in awhile, people were probably outside enjoying the good weather.

Morgan approached the Nerd Herd desk and noticed his friend Chuck was surfing the internet on his computer. "Is it just me or is there no one shopping today?" he asked his friend.

"No, it's not just you, buddy," Chuck replied, looking up from the computer screen. "I've only fixed one cell phone in the three hours I've been working today," "We're basically caught up on everything that was brought in too."

"Wanna do another round of 'Make a Movie End a Lot Quicker?'" Morgan suggested.

Chuck grinned. "That sounds promising. Is Big Mike-"

"He's at lunch."

"All right then. I'll be over in a minute," Chuck replied with a grin. He turned to look at his screen again and his browser was displaying CNN's website. He glanced over the major news stories on the screen and one caught his eye, one of a missing girl. "The poor kid." As he read more of the story, he felt himself slip into a trance-like state and before his eyes flashed a series of images relating to a group known as the Front Range Crime Syndicate. A moment later, he snapped out of his trance, gasping slightly.

I better find Casey, he then thought to himself. He didn't want to wander the store aimlessly to find him so he picked up his cell phone and dialed Casey's number.

"What?" Casey growled when he picked up.

" better come over here. I kinda," Chuck stopped himself and glanced around to make sure no one was nearby. When he saw no one near him, he continued, "Need to talk to you about something."

"Fine." Then the connection ended.

Casey arrived at the desk in less than a minute. "You rang?"

Chuck pointed at his computer screen at the story he flashed on.

"Yeah, missing kid. Sad story. What about it?"

Chuck lowered his voice. "What do you know about the Front Range Crime Syndicate?"

Casey raised an eyebrow. "Violent organization. Known for planning attacks to further their goals. Controlled a crime ring in Colorado for awhile. Most of 'em are in jail though. Why do you ask?"

"I think they're behind this kidnapping."

"What? Bartowski, are you-"

"Well, why else would the-" Chuck stopped himself and looked around, making sure no one was nearby. The coast was clear once more. He then whispered, "Why else would the Intersect display their files when I read this story?"

Casey sighed. "Fine. I'll run this up the flag pole and see if we're to get involved. For now, go find your idiot friend. He was bugging me asking me where you were."

Chuck nodded. "Okie dokie." Then he walked to the video camera department where Morgan was waiting.


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