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It's an exhibit opening next spring at the Smithsonian.

And yes, I definitely will be voting for my favorites to make it into the final exhibit!
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So, uh...I saw we could send out random gifts today. And...I sent some...not exactly knowing what was in the box.

Come to find out that light green box...contained a gopher. Why a gopher, I have no idea. But now both Sarah and Hiro have one...
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Thanks for sending the virtual gift. And it is definitely nice that it can help people in the Gulf.
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Thanks for the sugary peep chicks. And, glad I could make you smile by sending the Peep bunny.
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You know, there's a funny clip on Youtube where someone made it look like Beaker was singing that song 'Yellow' by Coldplay.
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Thank you for the gold medal!
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The Christmas light display set to Trans Siberian Orchestra!

Merry Christmas everyone!
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Thank you for the gingerbread cookie, Elle!
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I remember when I took the daemon meme, my daemon ended up being a snow leopard. Kinda a nifty result. I wish I remember what her name was...

I'm sure if it turns out I actually had a snow leopard daemon, it would kinda shock me when she first appeared. Maybe I'd wake up one morning, feeling something heavy on my chest and looking into the eyes of this big cat.

I'd probably scream, causing Ellie and Awesome to come running. [Locked to those who know of his secret life] And Casey too, probably ready to shoot it. [/unlocked]

Once I finally understood I wasn't about to be eaten, now I'd have a snow leopard following me everywhere. Might be kinda cool, but a bit weird. [Locked to those who know of his secret life] And dangerous since if, say, some evil spy kills my daemon, I die too. [/unlocked]

Maybe a bit scary too, you know? Maybe people would be freaked out and wouldn't wanna talk to me since they'd be afraid of the snow leopard.

(after looking over the entry)

Boy that was a ramble and half, huh?
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Smaller Card

Happy Valentine's Day.

This and two other e-cards can be found here.
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Apparently, I am a Metal Rooster.

Um...I really...don't see myself as egotistical or proud or anything. So...I dunno if the sign actually fits...
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There's this community promoting getting to know other muses called [ profile] friend_a_muse. I thought it was a nice idea for a community.

And if you came from [ profile] friend_a_muse and wanna say hello, you can do so here.
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To whom it may concern,

During the Showcase round on today's show (air date 12/23/2008), a water resistant laptop was featured as one of the prizes a contestant could win. Not only did your announcer tell viewers that the laptop had this feature, but to demonstrate this fact, one of the models poured a beaker of water over the laptop's keyboard - twice.

Then the laptop was taken to another model sitting in a hot tub...thing. (Dunno what exactly that was called, but anyway...) The model proceeded to take the laptop and submerse the keyboard into the water before pretending to type on it with her sud covered hands.

While I get the point the models were trying to illustrate, I would like to take a moment to point out that the laptop was water resistant and not water proof. The laptop, should it have been the actual product, could have shorted out. And bathing with electronics is NEVER a good idea.

After watching today's show, one customer attempted to take his laptop in the bathtub and now I have one shorted out laptop to fix. And I'm sure others who work in the tech support sector, as I do, had to deal with the same issue today at least once.

Just saying...someone could really get hurt if they tried to bathe with their laptop, okay?


Chuck Bartowski, Nerd Herd Supervisor
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Ever been to a Ren Faire?

I went this weekend. It was kinda fun seeing all the jousting and people in the costumes. Some costumes were kinda out of place. There were two Samurai warriors walking around at one point.

I know...I don't get why. But they had very cool costumes!

There also was one guy dressed up as Link from the Legend of Zelda games. I thought that was a neat idea for a costume. And it looked really well put together.

I shopped around a bit too. It amazed me all the weaponry you could buy if you had the money. Alas, as cool as the swords looked, I didn't exactly have $3000 to spend on one.

Probably just as well. I dunno what I'd do with one.

Oh, and as to the question of dressing up? Well, I had a ruffled shirt so I wore that and some baggy pants that I wore. Okay, so I was a bit anachronistic with my chucks on, but hey...Ren Faires are hardly known for historical accuracy.

Not that I care or anything. They're just fun.

ooc: Yes, I actually went to one this weekend so I'm behind on tags and prompts. (I thought maybe Chuck would actually go to one so I figured, 'what the heck' and posted IC about attending.) Anyway, if I missed a tag or a journal entry that you'd like me to get to, please post here. :)
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Wow, tough question. I mean...the computer is probably the best all around item ever. You can play games, communicate with people, get your news from all over the world...

And pretty much lock yourself away from civilization for a little while.
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My favorite part was about how Star Trek would be if they had the internet on that show. *grins*
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Febtober News

New Content Filter

Disclaimer: Pure crack below the cut )
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Memphis - 78, UCLA - 63

Captain Awesome has been staring at the TV screen dumbfounded. His alma mater lost in the Final Four game today. So, uh, he's not taking it too well.

Any suggestions to cheer him up?
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