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RP Mun friending meme

Also, BuddyTV has a couple voting contesting going on here where you can vote for your favorite TV couple in a set of multiple showdowns. Chuck and Sarah are of course one of the nominated couples. :)

And, I finally got around to properly tagging all Chuck's entries with the proper verse information and whatnot.
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S-so BuddyTV has this list of 20 guys they think would be good to kiss under the mistletoe.

I rank at #13 and my buddy Hiro is #19 on their list. Also, Sam, who I talked to a couple of times, is #2 on their list.

ETA: And they did one for ladies and my friend Claire Bennet ranks as #1 on their list. I dunno what else to say. *blushes a bit*
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First off, thank you very much for nominations over at the [ profile] arpea_awards. I'm flattered, really. ^^; And best of luck to everyone on my flist who was nominated!

Secondly, Kim over at BuddyTV was nice enough to let me know there's a pretty neat interview with Josh Gomez up right here that Chuck fans may enjoy reading.

Be warned, there are a couple spoilers for tonight's episode in the interview though.

And speaking of spoilers, tis time that I discuss the current Jill arc. And I shall do so...

...behind this cut here )
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Okay, since there are a few legal ways to see the season premiere episode of 'Chuck' before September 29th, I took advantage of one of them and have seen it.

Here be spoilers )

In other news, I was contacted by the multi-fandom site, BuddyTV . They had asked if this journal could be one of the partner links on their 'Chuck' page. So, I've done a link exchange with them, with a link to their page on the right.

Also, thanks for the virtual gifts and birthday posts. Seriously, you guys are awesome. :)


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