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ooc: [ profile] literary_james and [ profile] laws_of_dawes used with permission. Hopefully I did them justice!

Gift ficlet. Follows this and inspired by this RP.

"I'm still calling James," Chuck declared. True to his word, he took out his iPhone and dialed James' number.

A few minutes later, when James arrived, Chuck opened the door for him. "I can't believe you started without me."

"Yeah, but we only watched the theatrical release version, so it's not like we saw the whole movie." Chuck replied with a smirk as James entered. It was then that he noticed a long jump rope in James' hands. "Just in case," he commented, holding up the rope, causing Chuck to snicker.

The boys joined Rachel and she glanced at the rope in James' hands before asking, "What's that for?"

"In case we need to use it," James replied.

"What, so I can hang myself before I have to watch another movie in the trilogy?" joked Rachel.

Chuck shook his head. "No, no! Don't talk like that, Rachel! We-"

"-thought we might need this to get you to finish watching the story," finished James, grinning as he did so.

Rachel put her hands on her hips looking very unamused.

"It was a joke," Chuck explained with a sheepish grin. "Really."

"Did you really think we'd tie you to a chair for over nine hours?"

Rachel looked at both Chuck and James and shook her head, smiling just a bit. "You two are going to drive me crazy."

Chuck put his arm around Rachel, "Probably." He grinned and returned her half hug from earlier. She smiled at him and shook her head.

After releasing Rachel from the hug, he linked his arm with her right arm and James linked his arm with Rachel's left. Puzzled, she asked, "What are you two doing?"

Chuck and James began leading Rachel towards the TV room and James explained, "You're still only a third of the way through the trilogy."

Rachel gasped and turned to glare at the boys before declaring with a growl, "I hate you both."


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