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I don't really believe in the unlucky thirteen thing. If I did, I would have changed my user name. It has thirteen characters in it.

I could have put an underscore in there somewhere. Maybe I would have put it between 'nerdherd' and 'chuck' or something. Or, I could have added two underscores to make myself 'nerd_herd_chuck.'

I did a look up and no one has 'nerdherd_chuck' or 'nerd_herd_chuck' as user names on LiveJournal. But you never know. Someone could take either or both of them in the next couple of minutes...even before I'm done typing this entry. I'm sure there are other people named Chuck who work for other Nerd Herds at other Buy Mores. Maybe a couple of those Chucks will claim those user names eventually.

Hey, I just thought of something - if I were really, really superstitious, I would have gone one step further and added another letter or two so that nothing about my user name has thirteen of anything. I could have used something like 'nerdherderchuck' as my user name or something.

[meta] *looks up that user name*

Wow, there's another me with that user name. Go figure. [/meta]

But yeah, I'm not bothered by the thirteen thing. And I'll keep my user name as is for now.

Muse: Chuck Bartowski
Fandom: Chuck
Word Count: 214
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Smaller Card

Happy Valentine's Day.

This and two other e-cards can be found here.
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Okay, first off, might I just say - Poor Hiro!! Why does this ad featuring him (and me, though later on) have to have him getting hurt? That is not cool.

However, might I just say that Sarah's kick-step thing? That was totally cool. And even Casey got into the dancing spirit! Now, that? a rarity.

Though he danced with a gun in his hand...

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ooc: Obviously meta. :)

Please do. Like a petition? Or maybe start getting your friends to watch the show?

If you know any Nielsen families, we really could benefit from getting them to tune in. Cuz right now, our show is, as they say 'on the bubble.'

NBC hasn't made an official decision yet on the show's future but reported the new entertainment chief Angela Bromstad has said that while she's a fan of shows like "Chuck" and "Life," she wants both "quality and ratings" from the network's lineup going forward.

Our show hasn't quite done all that well ratings wise but if you look at them, they've slowly been on the rise since the third episode of the season. But our demos are a bit split so we need that 18-49 demo to go up a bit more too.

It's all ratings and demos, you know?

Hopefully, with the 3-D episode airing the day after the Super Bowl, people will start tuning in and stay tuned in. Cuz we kinda need them to do so.

Or else there won't be a season three...

S-so...any help you can give us is much appreciated! Thanks!

Muse: Chuck Bartowski
Fandom: Chuck
Word Count (excluding ooc note and quoted text): 168
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I'm honestly humbled by the Tammy nominations and honorable mentions!


Section 1a:

Hottest Geek
Choice Young Stud (o_O)

Section 2:

Best Friendship (with Hiro and Jack!)
Boy Scout of the Year

Section 3:

Most Diverse Writer of Multiple Muses (Mun is truly humbled by this one!)
RP Thread That Started With A Meme, and Ended Up in the Crack (RP thread between Hiro and I)

Honorable Mentions:

Most Brilliant Mind

And that kudos thing of 'Best Use of a White Shirt Ever' in Section 4. (What's so impressive about my shirt? *confused*)

But honestly, I'm more happy that so many of my friends were nominated for awards and would ask that you vote for them, okay?

Congratulations to:

Hiro! [ profile] powered_otaku
Sarah! [ profile] sarahwalker
Jack! [ profile] not_a_savage
James! [ profile] literary_james
Claire! [ profile] girl_ofsecrets
Pepper! [ profile] only_pepper
Rachel! [ profile] senseofliberty
Rachel! [ profile] laws_of_dawes
Randy! [ profile] wolfwithaguitar
Salome! [ profile] sweetsalome
Ryan! [ profile] kings_boy11

And...if I forgot somebody, I apologize.
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S-so BuddyTV has this list of 20 guys they think would be good to kiss under the mistletoe.

I rank at #13 and my buddy Hiro is #19 on their list. Also, Sam, who I talked to a couple of times, is #2 on their list.

ETA: And they did one for ladies and my friend Claire Bennet ranks as #1 on their list. I dunno what else to say. *blushes a bit*
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Seems Entertainment Weekly magazine picked our abilities as nominees for a Tubey award!

(Well okay, they didn't get our abilities exactly right but still...)



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