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Well, as some of you may have read, a sudden storm swept across the northeast of the US leaving millions without power. I am one of those powerless folks. I'm posting now from the road, but wanted to leave a note that I will get to tags owed once we get power back. Some estimates have us not getting it until Thursday though.

But I'll get back to tagging once I can, I promise.

Sorry guys. :(
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I've updated Chuck's e-mail address on his profile to the one. The nerdherdchuck GMail account still works, but since I don't log into it too often, I just figured I'd update his profile with a better address to reach him at.

The Contact post has also been updated.

I finally got around to getting all my muse notifs sent to 1 e-mail address to save time. :)
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Yeah, I think this has gone around before. But I don't remember if I ever gave my thoughts on how I play Chuck the last time or if I just asked others for feedback.

Oh well, I'll critique myself this time around regardless.

I've played Chuck now for just over two years. When I started playing him, I was worried I wouldn't be able to pull him off. And I really wanted to be able to do him justice since he's a character I enjoy a lot. As time went on, I feel I got a better handle on his voice though of late, I feel I may have lost some of that due to lack of time playing and writing him. (That and he hasn't had any new source material since April.)

Still, I really enjoy playing him. He's fairly canon, save for some other muses knowing his secret. He used to have non-canon verses but mostly, those have faded, save for the future verse which shows up now and then in prompts.

So, how is my driving? Anything I need to work on?
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Thanks so much for voting for Chuck over at the Arpea awards!

Award 2 (Tied with his buddy Hiro!)

Award 1

Also, thanks to [ profile] likely_evil and [ profile] idealized_sue for the Snowflake cookies. They're really cute. :)
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There is now an official start date for season 3!

A two night premiere - starting with a 2 hour episode on January 10th at 9/8c.

Here's a preview:
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Wow, time flies!

I wanted to thank all the muses that have played with Chuck over the past couple of years. You guys have been so much fun, truly!

I hope to be around more often again soon too and getting Chuck back to chatting with all of his friends. :)

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Due to some family issues, I may not be all that active with the muses for awhile. Tags will be spotty and I certainly won't be up all that up-to-date on their flists. (Other muses affected - [ profile] johncasey and [ profile] conflictedagent.)

I finished up that last prompt response so Chuck was at least fairly current for TM. (Technically that's the rough draft.) I'll decide if I go on a true hiatus soon.

Since I will be horribly behind on the flists, if there's anything going on with your muse that would be good to know (plot changes, relationship stuff, etc.) please post here.

Also, if you have some fun crack stuff? I could use a laugh. Really. Drop a line here too for amusing stuff. To be honest, I may actually be more responsive to funny stuff just because of what's going on.

Take care all. *hugs*
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So I was going through my Chuck DVD set today and rewatching 'Alma Mater.' During Chuck's flash on himself, several documents on him load uber fast and of course...on normal viewing I couldn't read them. But thanks to the DVD, I could slow it down enough to view them.

Turns out on Chuck's student application, his date of birth is 09/18/1981 and apparently he was born in Hartford, CT and was staying in Santa Clara, CA in 1999. (Go fig.)

Wonder when Encino figures in or if Morgan saying Chuck was 'of the Encino Bartowskis' was a joke.

Oh well. :)

So I will be also using this date of birth for RP stuff. If he told you he was 28, then, my bad. He'll be 28 this year.

Pics of his student record )
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RP Mun friending meme

Also, BuddyTV has a couple voting contesting going on here where you can vote for your favorite TV couple in a set of multiple showdowns. Chuck and Sarah are of course one of the nominated couples. :)

And, I finally got around to properly tagging all Chuck's entries with the proper verse information and whatnot.
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A bad winter storm hit the area where I live. My home still is without power (I've been without it since Thursday night) and I am currently at my brother's apartment.

(Unlike my muse, I live in the Northeast and bad winter weather is the norm.)

So, until the power is restored, I won't be able to reply to tags. It may be a couple more days before power is restored since last estimate, nearly half a million folks were without power.

I hate winter. :P
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First off, thank you very much for nominations over at the [ profile] arpea_awards. I'm flattered, really. ^^; And best of luck to everyone on my flist who was nominated!

Secondly, Kim over at BuddyTV was nice enough to let me know there's a pretty neat interview with Josh Gomez up right here that Chuck fans may enjoy reading.

Be warned, there are a couple spoilers for tonight's episode in the interview though.

And speaking of spoilers, tis time that I discuss the current Jill arc. And I shall do so...

...behind this cut here )
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Okay, since there are a few legal ways to see the season premiere episode of 'Chuck' before September 29th, I took advantage of one of them and have seen it.

Here be spoilers )

In other news, I was contacted by the multi-fandom site, BuddyTV . They had asked if this journal could be one of the partner links on their 'Chuck' page. So, I've done a link exchange with them, with a link to their page on the right.

Also, thanks for the virtual gifts and birthday posts. Seriously, you guys are awesome. :)

Icon Meme

Sep. 10th, 2008 04:45 pm
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Comment on this post. I will choose five userpics from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

Icons requested by Connie )

Icons requested by Val )
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Request any fic of mine and I will provide you with a commentary/annotations, like a DVD extra.

Fics for Chuck are tagged 'tm' and 'random fic'.

You can also request commentary here for [ profile] cynical_shadow too. The fics are tagged the same way.
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Comment here to find out what Chuck really thinks of your character. The truth, I mean, not just what he'd tell you, and not just what he thinks he thinks.
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Name a hand full of people you RP with, read, or have heard of. Say something positive, a reason why you like their characters, or the players. Anything that is constructive, positive, and better than the general: ♥!!

Cuz being awesome is awesome )
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I added IC and OOC contact posts as well as bio for Chuck. (I backdated the contact posts so as not to spam the flist. They're linked to on the Profile page.)

His IC screen name is EchoParkChuck if anyone would like chat with him too. (I tried to get nerdherdchuck for him to match his LJ name but, someone already took it.)


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