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There is now an official start date for season 3!

A two night premiere - starting with a 2 hour episode on January 10th at 9/8c.

Here's a preview:
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So I was going through my Chuck DVD set today and rewatching 'Alma Mater.' During Chuck's flash on himself, several documents on him load uber fast and of course...on normal viewing I couldn't read them. But thanks to the DVD, I could slow it down enough to view them.

Turns out on Chuck's student application, his date of birth is 09/18/1981 and apparently he was born in Hartford, CT and was staying in Santa Clara, CA in 1999. (Go fig.)

Wonder when Encino figures in or if Morgan saying Chuck was 'of the Encino Bartowskis' was a joke.

Oh well. :)

So I will be also using this date of birth for RP stuff. If he told you he was 28, then, my bad. He'll be 28 this year.

Pics of his student record )
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First off, thank you very much for nominations over at the [ profile] arpea_awards. I'm flattered, really. ^^; And best of luck to everyone on my flist who was nominated!

Secondly, Kim over at BuddyTV was nice enough to let me know there's a pretty neat interview with Josh Gomez up right here that Chuck fans may enjoy reading.

Be warned, there are a couple spoilers for tonight's episode in the interview though.

And speaking of spoilers, tis time that I discuss the current Jill arc. And I shall do so...

...behind this cut here )
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Okay, since there are a few legal ways to see the season premiere episode of 'Chuck' before September 29th, I took advantage of one of them and have seen it.

Here be spoilers )

In other news, I was contacted by the multi-fandom site, BuddyTV . They had asked if this journal could be one of the partner links on their 'Chuck' page. So, I've done a link exchange with them, with a link to their page on the right.

Also, thanks for the virtual gifts and birthday posts. Seriously, you guys are awesome. :)
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Came across this interview with Zachary Levi and Adam Baldwin. There's a section where Zach talks about the idea of such a crossover.

Kinda funny...some of it is kinda on the lines of what some us muns discussed. *g*

I'd think that would be fun if NBC ever did it since I like both shows.

I get what Zach's saying about how there could be a difference of the tone of the show, but if it was a sorta 'Company wants to use Chuck for their own purposes' plot, that could keep in the Heroes dramatic tone, I think.
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...I knew that you could )

ETA: Oh and there's some spoilers for tonight's Heroes in the comments. Just as a heads up.


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