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I'm honestly humbled by the Tammy nominations and honorable mentions!


Section 1a:

Hottest Geek
Choice Young Stud (o_O)

Section 2:

Best Friendship (with Hiro and Jack!)
Boy Scout of the Year

Section 3:

Most Diverse Writer of Multiple Muses (Mun is truly humbled by this one!)
RP Thread That Started With A Meme, and Ended Up in the Crack (RP thread between Hiro and I)

Honorable Mentions:

Most Brilliant Mind

And that kudos thing of 'Best Use of a White Shirt Ever' in Section 4. (What's so impressive about my shirt? *confused*)

But honestly, I'm more happy that so many of my friends were nominated for awards and would ask that you vote for them, okay?

Congratulations to:

Hiro! [ profile] powered_otaku
Sarah! [ profile] sarahwalker
Jack! [ profile] not_a_savage
James! [ profile] literary_james
Claire! [ profile] girl_ofsecrets
Pepper! [ profile] only_pepper
Rachel! [ profile] senseofliberty
Rachel! [ profile] laws_of_dawes
Randy! [ profile] wolfwithaguitar
Salome! [ profile] sweetsalome
Ryan! [ profile] kings_boy11

And...if I forgot somebody, I apologize.
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I really have no idea what to say but I definitely wanted to at least take a moment to thank everyone who nominated me.

And...well, I mean...if I could maybe sorta ask for half of a vote? Cuz Hiro ([ profile] powered_otaku) and I were nominated for Friendship of the Year and Hiro's been a really good friend to me. He definitely deserves a vote.

A lot of you have been great friends too! I have met some wonderful people this year and I see you've all been nominated for something which is really great. I'll be cheering and voting for you!

Congratulations to all the nominees and best of luck!
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Okay, so I totally forgot about the Tammys. Today's my day off work, so I was like, 'Oh, I'll vote today.' I dunno why I still thought voting was open today, but, stupid me did.

So, I want to say I'm sorry to all the great muns/muses on my flist for my total spacing of this thing. I really feel badly I didn't get to cast a vote or two for you wonderful writers.

*head desk*
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So someone nominated me for 'The newbie with the most potential for greatness' for this month's Tammy awards.

I mean, me? I dunno what to say but (*nervous laugh*) so much!

So, yeah...kinda stunned

And of course...may the best person out there win. Cuz there are some great folks in that category with me. A couple of them, I have had the pleasure to talk to - Jack [ profile] not_a_savage and Maya [ profile] angel_demuerte. Congrats to both of you too!

Hey Hiro ([ profile] powered_otaku)! I see you're up for the joyful muse award. Cool, very cool.

And Shawn ([ profile] head_psychic)? High Jumping to conclusions? Well, I have psychic visions but...think that's accurate?

ooc: I must admit, I feel I am still trying to get the voice down for this muse and I hope I'm able to. So the fact that someone out there felt my take on Chuck was

The mun totally agrees there are some great muses up for that new muse award. Jack has been fun to interact with and his mun too writes a couple of other awesome muses out there. Maya is a very well written muse and a joy to talk to. Also, I gotta tip my hat to [ profile] itsjustbob. (I have yet to play with Bob, but his mun is an awesome writer.)

I haven't had a chance to interact with the others (maybe their muns somewhere else, but you all do such a kickass job of fooling me until you reveal who else you write!)


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