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I remember when I took the daemon meme, my daemon ended up being a snow leopard. Kinda a nifty result. I wish I remember what her name was...

I'm sure if it turns out I actually had a snow leopard daemon, it would kinda shock me when she first appeared. Maybe I'd wake up one morning, feeling something heavy on my chest and looking into the eyes of this big cat.

I'd probably scream, causing Ellie and Awesome to come running. [Locked to those who know of his secret life] And Casey too, probably ready to shoot it. [/unlocked]

Once I finally understood I wasn't about to be eaten, now I'd have a snow leopard following me everywhere. Might be kinda cool, but a bit weird. [Locked to those who know of his secret life] And dangerous since if, say, some evil spy kills my daemon, I die too. [/unlocked]

Maybe a bit scary too, you know? Maybe people would be freaked out and wouldn't wanna talk to me since they'd be afraid of the snow leopard.

(after looking over the entry)

Boy that was a ramble and half, huh?
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Apparently, I am a Metal Rooster.

Um...I really...don't see myself as egotistical or proud or anything. So...I dunno if the sign actually fits...
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Wow, tough question. I mean...the computer is probably the best all around item ever. You can play games, communicate with people, get your news from all over the world...

And pretty much lock yourself away from civilization for a little while.


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